F e l t
                           A little about felt choices.

We use only the best in Felt on our jobs. Championship Brand.
Championship "Invitational"  is 19 oz , 60/40 wool/nylon blend . 
It's the felt I cover dozens of Tables with each year, without ever a complaint. I also use this felt at many bars and poolhalls. Sharky's, Billiard Bar, Ben's Half-yard House, and Reagle Beagle to name a few. 
I have also used it at bars /restaurants like  Hawley's and 
Cool -River, and in almost all  homes. 
Championship also has a Simonis "860Type"  felt called "Tour Edition", that if ya ask me, is as good as the Simonis, @ 24oz, worsted   and costs alot less.

Never vacuum your felt. I don't care what anyone says........don't do it. Your new table comes with a brush. If you don't have a brush, get one. Any pool table brush is fine. 
Clean up spills immediately. You can use carbonated water on a clean cloth to get beer or soda out of the felt. Obviously, don't place drinks on the table. 
Brush the felt the direction of the break. I was taught that back in the 70s, and have heard different opinions about it, but I'll stick to what I know.
Brush and cover the table after play. This will keep dirt and carpet fibers from eating away at the felt, and prevent the sun from fading it. 
Do these basic things, and your felt will stay nice and play good for a long, long time! 

Championship Brand  Pricelist
Tour Edition
7'  $189.99
8'  $229.99
9'  $279.99
10'  $329.99

God Bless America!
7'  $109.99
8'  $129.99
9'  $169.99
10'  $199.99
Specify the color in paypal via message to seller.
         click for Championship color chart
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