Here at American Veteran Pool Table Servicewe take great pride in our work! 
We love our profession, our "art".     44 years  hard at it!
We just love our work and it shows!

what we do
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Remember, ....You Get What You Pay For In The Billiards Industry. There are alot of fly by night services that have popped up over the  years, and charge extremely low rates. And  when their customers call us later to fix their tables, we find that its been done all wrong....from the shims used to level the frame, (cardboard at best) to the plaster  putty they use instead of beeswax!  "plaster putty"....what a disgrace, and a rip-off.
I wonder , ....if these  cheap services are so good, why dont they use the propper shims and wedges?         
Why cant  they trim the felt correctly?
Why didnt they remove the staples when they did a refelt? 
why are the bolts overtightened and stripped?
It goes on and on and on.
We do the job right from the ground up, and  the table will play its best!
Setups from $200.00

Room to Room In-Home Move  $250.00 
                                                                                                                              stairs add 25.00

Move home to home starts at $300.00

                    Floor jobs 
Dis-assemble  from  $150.00 to $175.00  
Set it back up from  $175.00 to $200.00                       
    7 foot          8 foot       9 foot        10 foot   
  $300.00               $300.00         $350.00             $400.00
           Refelt during a move or Setup for only $150.00
Re-Rubber  $250.00
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