Buyers Guide

Look under the table for broken slates!Broken or cracked legs, not goodBroken leg mounts from moving the table around, again, no goodLook for torn pockets . A GOOD set of pockets is over 200.00!heres the same slate as the first picture, from the top, under the felt. make sure the rubber is good. A rubber job is'nt cheap!
Buying a pool table is simple. Decide how much room you have for one, and that will tell you the size you need. Just add 10 feet to any pool table size, and that will give you the room size needed to play with standard 58 inch cue sticks. Example, add 10 feet  to a 4 x 8 table, and you need a 14 x 18 room. If you only have a 13 x 17 room, a 3x7 table would be more fitting, and you can play with standard leangth cue sticks.
  Now isn't that easy? :)
Now that you know how big of table and which room it needs to go in, go find a good one!
When you go look at a table, play the thing! Play a few games. Make sure the rubber is good. The balls should come off the rubber the same angle as they hit the rubber.
Make sure the balls don't bounce into the air when they hit the rubber. Make sure the balls come off the rubber the same speed as they hit it.
Now that you see the rubber is good, and not hard, rotten or falling off the rails, lay under the table and look at all the bolts, any missing? Look at the pockets, are they torn and way over stapled by some cheap service?
Look at the it cracked?
As far as brands go, I'm partial to Olhausen, simply because they are made right. Everything about them is right. Brunswick, ha...made in Vietnam? wowsa and I thought brazil was bad enough on the quality. Generally if it doesn't have a known name brand on it, its import junk and that's just my opinion, but its spot on. Alot of name brand tables claim to be made in America, but they just lie about it. The only thing made in America on these things is the name tag its self Ha! Do your homework!
Next, hire a quality service like myself to move the table.  If you hire a cheap service,  you will get  cheap service.
In the pictures below, I have examples for you to consider.
Good Luck!