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"Service YOU  Can  Bank  On"!
American Veteran Pool Table Service                                             
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Serving Texas!
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Thanx for Kirks Safe return Lord, Please continue to Bless our Troops
Want a Pool Table Thats NOT Mass Produced?
Want A Table That NO ONE Else Has?
Then you came to the right place!
Heres a variation of the Timber Lodge Table above.
click the pic for details!
CALL, or Text! 972 496 6883
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Serving Texas!
Quality Service Since 1976!
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Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
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The Cattle Baron
Get a one of a kind, built to order, century old teak pool table for a modest $6999.00 !!!
Each table is different, as the Wood is hand selected from centurys old farm equiptment supply yards.Its totaly used, and recycled! Its green!
Those pockets are actual wagon wheel hubs!
1 inch 3 piece slates.
Free delivery and setup within 200 miles of Dallas!
Your choice of felt color!
Add  a complete quality playpack for just $200.00!
Shipping is available, as is out of town setup for an additional fee.

The Timber Lodge Billiard Table TF-440
Notice: At this time, we are having diffiulty sourcing the legs for the Cattle Baron Billiard Table.
This means it is temporarily unavailable, but I will update with new information when recieved.
Used Golden West Coronado
            DIY Special!
                Pick it up $600.00 cash  !!!!
Its already disassembled, put it in your pick up truck and go! But, if you need a pool table mover, it would cost less than if it was assembled. 
This table new would cost ya $3700.00!
    Click the link to see for yourself!          For more info, email the seller
    or   Click Here  to Email 

$$   Sell your used table on my website! Call me!!   $$
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